Thruxton race report

21 September 2019

Very few cars from our series entered this round where we were the guests of the Classic Sports Car Club at Britain’s fastest circuit, Thruxton. Those that did not come missed a wonderful day’s racing in warm sun, excellent organisation and very good vibes on track and in the paddock. Martin Reynolds said “Today’s racing was the closest, scariest, fastest racing I had this year. Was seriously epic! I cannot wait to see the video footage from both cars. Today was proper racing!!!!!!”  Simeon Chodosh, similarly “In both races Martin and I were literally bumper to bumper from each other with some excellent defending by both. Seriously great track and some absolutely quality racing.”

Read the full report at thruxton_race_report_21sept2019

Read Marcus Bicknell’s report on what his datalogger told him out the back on a 100 mph lap. 140mph through Church? No… 110.  But up the hill towards home… 550 hp and 150.6mph. An image of the data trace and Marcus’s notes are at thruxton_ascar_data_21sept2019

The YouTube in-car-camera video of this same hot lap is at