Technical Matters

The series comprises cars which ran in the past with Bernie’s V8s or SR&GT whose co-operation provided simplified regs for 2019 which were carried forward into 2020. They will be joined by cars like MGB BCV8s, TVRs, Jaguars and from other invited clubs, all of whom must conform to the regulations of their club. The car must be an original, reproduction or replica two-seater sports car, GT or saloon car, the original model of which was built before 1st January 1994. We understand from the 750MC that the Crosslés will not be racing with us this year. We can except to see the CALM All Porsche Trophy cars out with us at least once.

All cars except historic cars with FIA papers (Class H for pre-1979 Historics) compete in the power-to-weight ratio classes …

Class A 386 to 665 HP per tonne
Class B 311 to 385 HP per tonne
Class C Up to 310 HP per tonne

The rest of the regs in brief… Engines must be naturally aspirated, no sequential gearboxes, no traction control, no ABS or carbon brakes. Just big old school muscle race cars, and no Seven-type, or Radical-type cars. For advice on the eligibility of your car please email Cheng (

2020 regs in full: