Click here for the 7 March 2020 Awards Lunch booking form. 

Go to the registration page of the 750 Motor Club here

On this page of the 750 Motor Club web site you can see the race dates, download an entry form or enter an event online

Looking for the 2019 general regs for our series? They are on the 750 Motor Club site as follows:

The more technical version of the regs is also on the 750MC site at

To register to race with the series go to the following page, click on the payment option and fill in the details thereafter,2019-series-registration-bernies-sports-racing-v8s_118.htm

You can download the new 2019 logo for Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s to integrate them into your car’s livery or other items, and the 2019 A5 folded leaflet (1.3mb). Jpeg and pdf versions here. Email for the Photoshop files of the logo or the flyer in high definition (3.3mb).

bernies_sports_racing_v8s_logo in pdf

bernies_sports_racing_v8s_logo in jpeg

bernies_sports_racing_v8s_flyer_compressed in pdf

Marcus Bicknell’s Ford Ascar, technical details in pdf