Cheng’s first race

Here is a priceless gem of history from the annals of a leading light of our series, Cheng Lim. Here is a photo of his first race at Castle Combe in 1986. Give it lots of LIKES and he will send us lots more. Yes please!
Cheng says “Well in my first season I did 5 races before I trashed it at Gerrards in Mallory Park. I was off the track so often, they called me Farmer Chang! In that race I got so far off the circuit that I went round the back of a Marshall’s post ! Yes that’s me in #67. Do you like the fireproof Arran sweater? In those days you just needed to cover your arms!
“It was the 750 MC Kit Car Race so I have come full circle!  In practice it had hailed and snowed and rained but I could follow the cars round the corners and blast then down the straights so I thought it would be easy! I started about 5th on the grid but when the lights went green, loads of them went past me either side, on the grass and everywhere!
“Sadly because of poor preparation (inexperience and ignorance I guess!) the clutch slave ran out of fluid so when I lost the clutch and also being off the circuit ( probably behind the Marshall’s post!) I retired!
“Good learning point though. I started my checkover process after that and have never forgotten it!”