Castle Combe on Sept 18 – prize money!

Castle Combe on Sept 18 – prize money!

We have pleasure in providing here the entry form and publicity flyer for our race event at Castle Combe on Saturday 18th September 2021.

Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s is an invited class in their GT CHALLENGE 2021… 30 MINUTE QUALIFYING / 45 MINUTE RACE – COMPULSORY PIT STOP – ONE OR TWO DRIVERS. There is a cash prize of £200 for the winner of the Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s class, open to drivers registered with the 750 Motor Club in our series. We thank Steve Weston, Competitions Director of the Castle Combe Racing Club, for inviting us.

This is a great opportunity to show our metal to the enthusiastic southwest crowds and to race on a tricky but rewarding circuit. Please get your entry forms back directly to Steve Weston, Castle Combe Racing Club, Castle Combe Circuit, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 7EY. Email:

Donington Park – 30th May 2021 – 3 race reports

Donington Park – 30th May 2021 – 3 race reports

 CSCC Donington Derby Race Weekend – Donington Park National – 30th May 2021 – JMC Racing Special Saloons and Modsports on the same grid as Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s.

Three 15-minute races in one day, reported by Marcus Bicknell from viewing the live video on YouTube and the TSL Timing sheets where you can see ALL THE RESULTS AND TIMES…

Photos, right. Andrew Knight, Matt Snowball and Stuart Entwhistle bring their V8 stock cars to the assembly area.

Flash report – RACE 1

Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s won by #56 Matt HOLBEN in his TVR Tuscan 4500 (photo, left) – he was 4th overall. #54 Christopher Ridge (TVR Tuscan 6200) was 2nd (9th overall) in a gaggle with Mathew SMITH (TVR Chimaera), Clive LETHERBY (TVR Tuscan 4500) and Aaron MOYCE (TVR Tuscan 4500) . Cheng and Andy 6th, Robin Gray (Pontiac Trans AM) 7th, Andrew Knight (Pontiac Ascar) 8th, Matt Snowball (Plymouth Cuda 6685) 9th and Mark Bowd (Ford GT40 5800) 10th. Our other finishers were Stuart Entwhistle (Chevy Monte Carlo) and Travis Paterson in Derek Drinkwater’s newly-built Buick Regal 5700.

Flash report – RACE 2

Like Race 1, the second race of the day had some stoppages. The first was after 5 minutes when Ian Hall in his Triumph TR7 V8 special (which was driven by Jim Seward in the first race) came off the track at Schwantz Curve and triggered a red flag after 3 laps. Matt Holben was a fraction slower than in race 1 and was knobbled by Joe Ward (Baby Bertha) and Rod Birley (BMW E36 slicks and wings); Matt won the Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s group but was 6th overall. The battling TVRs finished line astern again, Mat Smith (photo, right), Clive Letherby and Aaron Moyce. Robin Gray (Pontiac Trans AM) was 5th (14th overall) then a gaggle of our boys Matt Snowball, Stuart Entwhistle, Mark Bowd, Andy Lambert and Travis Paterson. Christopher Ridge and Andrew Knight were not among the 22 finishers. From what we could see on the live video transmission, there was good racing and a good time had by all.

All the results at

Flash report – RACE 3

Brilliant sunshine… summer is here at last, even if late. As last year at Donington the last laps of racing seem to spring the surprises. The Special Saloons & Modsports were throwing it all over the place, so Stuart Entwhistle, looking racey all day and on the pace at 1’26, did the gentlemanly thing and dropped his sublime Chevy Monte Carlo coming out of Redgate on lap 5.

Up at the front, the popular and talented Clive Anderson in his yellow BMW E30 special could not make the impresison he had in Race 2 (finishing 2nd) and faded to 6th. Wayne Crabtree (Ford RS200, winner of races 1 and 2) left the track on the pits straight, got going again and then pitted definitively after 6 laps. The winner was Malcolm Harding in his Ford Escort Mk2 2600 slick’n’wings who had finished 3rd in Race 2. Joe Ward brought Baby Bertha in 2nd, Pantelis Christoforou (also Ford Escort Mk2 2600 slick’n’wings) 3rd and Rod Birley (678 race wins to the end of 2020, and counting) 4th.

That put Matt Holben, winner of all three races in the Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s group today, into 5th on the road baheadc iof Clive Anderson and Martin Reynolds (who will SURELY be racing in the Bernie’s group more in the future…!). The next car in our group was Mat SMITH (TVR Chimaera) in company with Clive LETHERBY (TVR Tuscan 4500). Aaron MOYCE (TVR Tuscan 4500) was 4th, then a plethora of our cars; Christopher Ridge (TVR Tuscan 6200), Robin Gray (Pontiac Trans AM), Matt Snowball (Plymouth Cuda 6685), Andrew Knight (Pontiac Ascar) 8th again, Cheng Lim 9th and Mark Bowd (Ford GT40 5800)(photo right) 10th.

Our last finisher was the inimitable Derek Drinkwater driving the newly-reconstructed Buick Regal 5700 (photo left) which rookie Travis Paterson had got going so quickly in races 1 and 2. Indeed Derek’s best lap was 1’31.960 to Travis’s 1’26.864 so we see a bright future for Travis. So did the commentators… the celebrated Marcus Pye said on air “Travis Paterson actually sounds like a NASCAR driver, so he MUST be good”.

We enjoy racing with the CSCC and their fascinating specials; all good grist to the mill and we thank them. The commentators were very complimentary, nay, excited, by the great grid of cars. We can look forward to seeing them again on 24th Oct 2021 at the Silverstone GP: 25 min Quali and 40 min race with pit stops, one or two cars, guests of the CSCC for their tribute to Ricky Parker-Morris, the series chief and general good bloke, who died in January.


All the results at

Race Report – Donington Park, 5th April 2021

Race Report – Donington Park, 5th April 2021

Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s at Donington Park with the 750 Motor Club – Easter Monday 5th April 2021

Qualifying report by Cass Lambert, with thanks, the rest by Marcus Bicknell to whom corrections should be address  

It was a very chilly Easter Monday morning when 21 drivers from Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s were honoured to be at the first 750 Motor Club meeting of the year at Donington Park. The changeable weather forecast had predicted rain and snow but in the end it turned out to be a very small snow shower during the qualifying which didn’t affect proceedings. Some drivers had put tape over part of the radiator grille to reduce colling but took them off for the race; we were fortunate that the weather did warm up by a few degrees later in the day. It stayed dry for a fantastic race.


Qualifying got underway at 10:20 with the 20 cars from Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s along with an equal number from the CALM All Porsche Trophy who we were very pleased to be sharing a grid with again.

It was Christian Douglas in his beautifully prepared TVR Tuscan who was leading the way during qualifying closely followed by Matt Holben in another beautiful TVR Tuscan. Marcus Bicknell in the Ford ASCAR V8 Mustang was third quickest. Rounding out the top six was Christopher Ridge in his TVR Tuscan followed by Martin Reynolds in his Sebring and then series stalwart and Cheng Lim in his Cobra who he was sharing with Phil James this weekend. 5 Porsches were mixed into this grid line-up, two of them on the front row, which shows that the speeds of the two classes are quite compatible. Qualifying started very steady as a lot of these drivers and cars hadn’t been out for many months due to the Covid restrictions along with the very very chilly conditions meant that drivers had to warm these big engines up slowly and the tires took a lot of work to get any heat into them, but it was great to see so many fantastic cars out on the track and such an eclectic mix of cars as well!

It was great to see a newcomer to the series out with us, Daniel Birch, in a TVR Chimaera. Dan is currently building a TVR Tuscan and is new to the series but not new to racing and he did himself very proud during the race day.

At the end of qualifying there was unfortunately one casualty with Christian Douglas suffering a rare mechanical failure with his engine meaning that he was unable to take the start for the race which was a great shame as we had been looking for to a revisit of the battle he had previously with Matt Holben!! A rerun of this titanic battle will now have to wait for another day!
All of the drivers from Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s lined up with the drivers from the CALM All Porsche Trophy in a mixed grid for the start of the race at 2pm. The two series run shared grids from time to time on the long circuits but continue to run their own races so there always great battles throughout the grid between the two series.

40-minute pit-stop race

From the rolling start the pack stayed basically in order with Matt Holben challenging the two Porsche Caymans in front, Marcus sliding past Porsche 33 Andrew Porter and No.27 Martin Reynolds (in his superb black Sebring) coming alongside Marcus into Redgate. Marcus shook his tail under acceleration towards the Craner Curves and stayed ahead of Porter and Reynolds. All the way down the long grid the were cars two abreast and battling, Porsches against V8s. The No.33 Porsche of Andrew Porter felt held up by Marcus on the first lap and challenged coming up under braking for the inside at the Melbourne hairpin; although Marcus was pushed wide he made a better run up a short hill to the Goddards hairpin and returned the compliment on the inside. So as they came past for the first lap, the two Porsche Caymans, Matt Holben’s TVR Tuscan, a Porsche Boxter and Marcus Bicknell in the No.22 ASCAR. You can see the first lap from Marcus’s in-car cameras at

At the end of the first lap, not counting the Porsches in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th, the Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s order was 56 Matt Holben, 22 Marcus Bicknell, 39 Phil James taking the first stint in Cheng’s RAM Cobra up from 10th on the grid, 27 Martin Reynolds, 54 Christopher Ridge TVR Tuscan who had lost places, 774 Martin Glennie TVR Chimaera and 58 Clive Letherby TVR Tuscan who had also lost ground. 571 Aaron Moyce TVR Tuscan came through then a gap to No.8 Adam Chodosh in the black Corvette, 66 Andrew Lambert in his RAM Cobra, 87 Peter Samuels MGB V8, 74 the Carters’ MGB V8, 25 Bill Thompson TVR Tuscan who had made up 6 places off the back of the grid, 154 Robert Frost Dax Tojiero, 50 Daniel Birch TVR Chimaera and 46 Stuart Entwhistle in his Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Now the drivers started settling in for this 40 minute race which in the end would run for 22 laps of the long Grand Prix circuit. Phil James was on it, up to 2nd on lap 2 and passing Porsches left and right. 571 Aaron Moyce lost a few places on lap 3 while Bill Thompson continued his surge from the back, taking four cars on lap 3. On lap 5 No.8 Adam Chodosh was in the pits after an on-track incident but he kept running to finish last, 4 laps behind the leaders. No.27 Martin Reynolds’ Sebring had broken a half-shaft and was out after 6 laps and No25 Bill Thompson’s TVR Tuscan had succumbed after 7 laps.

The pits opened for the obligatory 90 second pit stop after 10 minutes, so the first cars were stopping on lap 9 including 571 Aaron Moyce who according to the lap charts seems to have missed an extra lap; lap times of less than 110 seconds for the leaders meant that a car stopping for 90 seconds plus a long pit lane at 60 kph would come out a full lap behind. Such was also the case for No154 Robert Frost.

On lap 10 No56 Matt Holben was briefly in the lead on the road as the Porsches started coming in too, with Marcus Bicknell and Martin Glennie pitting at the first opportunity at the end of lap 10. No39 Phil James pitted late so he was in the lead for lap 12. The TSL Timing sheets which you can see at have a list of the time each car took in the pits. The Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s, experts, timing their stationary time on a stop watch to 90 seconds and keeping to 60 kph (Marcus has a digital speedometer projecting onto the windscreen for a heads-up display costing £25 on eBay), logged elapsed times of 1’55 to 1’57. A couple of cars, including a Porsche or two, managed it in 1’50 to 1’51, so the TLS/Clerk of the Course calculation may not be spot on. To be continued. This all compares favourably with the 3’20 logged by Marcus Bicknell and his laid-back-Californian co-driver Rob Manson in such a race at Donington in 2017, but then Rob had omitted to put his helmet on before Marcus came in.

Another glitchington from TLS is that on Lap 14 most of the cars came through twice. Some of the cars changed numbers as they went roung. This transmogrification of the racers was clearly caused by long Covid reaching chip sets in the timing main frame, proving that computer viruses are indeed transmitted in the same way, and with the same effects, as human viruses.

So it was not till lap 16 that we could see who was where. No56 Matt Holben had got past the Porsche Cayman No.36 of Jonathan Evans and was leading on the road and the Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s runners. Our 39 22 27 and 58 followed while 156 25 154 87 571 and 50 were a lap behind. Trailing were 46 and 8.

Matt was flying and edged away 12 seconds from the fastest Porsche. Marcus distanced his playmate Andrew Porter and his Porsche by over a minute. Cheng brought the RAM SC Cobra in third. And so it stayed to the end despite Marcus managing to spin on the last corner trying to nip past some back markers. We finished…
1. Matt HOLBEN TVR Tuscan
2. Marcus BICKNELL Ford Ascar V8 Mustang
4. Christopher RIDGE TVR Tuscan
5. Clive LETHERBY TVR Tuscan
6. Martin GLENNIE TVR Chimaera
7. Robert FROST Dax Tojiero
8. Peter SAMUELS MGB V8 Roadster
9. Andrew LAMBERT RAM Cobra9202
10. Aaron MOYCE TVR Tuscan14202
11. Daniel BIRCH TVR Chimaera18202
12. Stuart ENTWISTLE Chevrolet Monte Carlo
13. Adam CHODOSH Chevrolet Corvette

Martin REYNOLDS Sebring

Matt HOLBEN TVR Tuscan 1:45.008 85.27mph 137.23kph

Including the Porsches it was…

1 56 B Matt HOLBEN TVR Tuscan
2 36 SP1 Jonathan EVANS Porsche Cayman
3 45 SPDA Adam SOUTHGATE Porsche Boxster 986
4 22 A Marcus BICKNELL Ford Ascar V8 Mustang
5 33 SPDA Andrew PORTER Porsche Boxster
7 147 SP1 James COLEMAN Porsche Cayman
8 16 SPDA Leigh BOWDEN Porsche Boxster
9 54 A Christopher RIDGE TVR Tuscan
10 59 SP3 EGAR / BIRKETT Porsche
11 139 SP2 Rob HARDY Porsche Boxster Lap
12 58 A Clive LETHERBY TVR Tuscan
13 47 SP3 Ryan MONE Porsche 944
14 774 D Martin GLENNIE TVR Chimaera
15 23 SP3 Stuart INGS Porsche 944
16 15 SP2 J.WALKER/C.WALKER Porsche Boxster
17 125 SP2 Matthew KYLE-HENNEYPorsche Boxster
18 156 SP3 T.MCHUGH/J.MCHUGH Porsche 944
19 28 SPDA Andy BAKER Porsche Boxster
20 154 A Robert FROST Dax Tojiero
21 30 SP2 SAMPSON/HAMPSON Porsche 968 Sport
22 87 D Peter SAMUELS MGB V8 Roadster
23 142 SP2 Alan DRAIN Porsche Boxster
24 66 A Andrew LAMBERT RAM Cobra9202
25 571 A Aaron MOYCE TVR Tuscan14202
26 50 D Daniel BIRCH TVR Chimaera18202
27 166 SP2 Vikram SUDERA Porsche 986 Boxster
28 35 SP3 Daniel CREGO Porsche 968 Club Sport
29 11 SP4 Andrew PRITCHARD Porsche 924
30 46 D Stuart ENTWISTLE Chevrolet Monte Carlo
31 8 B Adam CHODOSH Chevrolet Corvette

DNF 27 C Martin REYNOLDS Sebring
DNF 41 SP4 Karl ROSSIN Porsche

You should be able to see the complete race video from trackside cameras, with commentary, at but as of 7 May 2021 it was not up there yet. Keep trying.

Full results and details at

Cass Lambert wrote the report on qualifying and Marcus Bicknell wrote the rest from the timesheets and his own experiences.

2021 Race Calendar

Following our committee meeting of 12 December 2020 we are delighted to announce our 6-event calendar for 2021. Entry forms are not available yet nor is 2021 live on for the moment.

Sunday 9th May Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit: with invited guests the Calm All Porsche Trophy 750MC

Sunday 30th May Donington National: with CSCC Special Saloons & Modsports, quali + 3×15 mins race in one day, guests of the CSCC

Sat 3/Sun 4 July Brands Hatch Indy: American Speedfest with Euro NASCAR 750MC and MSV

Sun 8th Aug Silverstone Intl: details t.b.a. 750MC

1, 2, 3 October Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium: 1-hour race t.b.a

Sun 24th Oct Silverstone GP: 25 min Quali and 40 min race with pit stops, one or two cars, guests of the CSCC

There are other events for which our cars are eligible but which do not form part of the official series. Please contact for details if you are desperate for more racing.

New Chevrolet Corvette replicas

Here’s a brilliant idea for your next race car… a classic Corvette body with state-of-the-art chassis, engine and running gear. You are surely going to blow the Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s competition away with one of these. Check out the new web site from Bernie, Adam and Simeon Chodosh at

The Corvette Factory  is the brainchild of Bernie Chodosh. 40 years’ of experience delivering dream Corvettes for Road and Track. The simplest way to ‘backdate’ or ‘Restomod’ your C3 Corvette! Our Corvette Factory Bodies are designed to fit straight over C3 Corvette Chassis and include custom floorpan, firewall, inner fenders, dash, doors, hood, lower splash panel and custom body mounts. These are not kit cars but real V8 Corvettes! We can also supply chassis’ too.

“Having built several C1, C2 and C3 Corvettes over 25+ years, there is little we don’t know about making competitive racecars. With FIA guidelines restricting drivetrains, suspension and brakes, the real way to get mid-year Corvettes going fast is to get them to handle, the cornerstone of this is to control weight. Often when people learn that Corvette’s are made of fiberglass, they assume that this means lightweight. If any of you have ever carried a Corvette Coupe door over your shoulder, you will know that this is far from the truth. Ignoring the years of wear and tear, multiple paint jobs and tubs of filler, these bodies were heavy from the factory. Here at The Corvette Factory, we can offer different thickness bodies from ultra-lightweight for drag racing to lightweight and reinforced bodies for Historic road racing. Complete bodies weigh from as little as 100kgs or 220lbs.”

Photo above left: Adam, Simeon and Bernie Chodosh

Dream a while. Then buy one. Then go racing.

FOR SALE: 2009 Dunlop Holden 6.2L V8

2009 Chevrolet CSV Lumina 6.2L V8 Production Touring Car, Built by General Motor Racing, for the Bahrain Goverment, for the support race at the F1 Races in 2009/10. £30000.00 Phone: +44 (0) 7774 268965 Email:

Up for sale are four 2009 Chevrolet CSV Lumina 6.2L V8 Super Touring Cars. The race cars are based on a Holden Commodore VE chassis, there are many variants of car with this chassis in different countries; Vauxhall VXR8 in the UK for example. The cars were originally built for a single make championship in Bahrain, where it ran for a several seasons. The following four race prepared vehicles are available:

One White – Raced by us, Recently rebuilt and Prepped

One Yellow – Raced by us, Recently rebuilt and Prepped

As shown in the above images and advertised on the front page of our web site

The bodywork condition on all the cars is good, with extensive race preparation carried out on each car. The drivetrain is fully serviced, with the engine sounding great at 105db. The relevant safety equipment is also in-date and fully to specification. A full spares package is available, and we can offer additional parts if required. We stock a large quantity of parts specifically for these vehicles, including all drivetrain components (multiple ratio diffs available), engine utilities, dash software and spare wheels. Custom parts and imports available on request from our international providers. Viewing is advised, and you are more than welcome to come down to our workshop near Guildford, Surrey. If you wish to pay us a visit, please contact us to arrange a time. Please contact us for the relevant delivery options. Delivery is accepted within reason or relevant collection options from our workshop.


· Normally aspirated water-cooled V8.

· 6,200cc stroke 92mm bore 103.25mm diameter

· Max power 450BHP 5,900RPM Max RPM 6000

· LSX 376 B8 – Engine is force induction friendly

· Required fuel quality 95 octane unleaded

· Wet sump lubrication

· Sequential multi-point injection

· Electronic engine management Delphi MEFI 4b by Painless

· Single throttle body intake

· Front mounted Setrab oil cooler


· Jerico four speed gearbox with sequential dog engagement

· ZF LSD differential unit in 2.92 ratio

· Aluminium race flywheel

· Dual plate clutch rated at 1100BHP

· Hydraulic clutch release system


· Weight optimised body shell

· Aerodynamic front splitter – Lightweight road bumpers available on request

· Adjustable carbon fibre rear wing

· Ventilation for driver via modified windows

· CIC interior panels

· Steel boot lid with strengthening for rear wing

· Modified synthetic rear body panels with diffuser

· Poly carbonate side and rear windows

· Welded in roll cage

· Quick release steering wheel

· Electric fire extinguisher system

· 80 litre ATL fuel tank

· 2.5″ ATL dry break system


Front axle

· MacPherson strut, height adjustable

· Double coil spring race set up (helper springs) – Springs with alternate spring rates available separately

· Bilstein dampers

· Dual lower control arms with spherical bearing joints

· Adjustable front anti roll bar

· Power steering

· Continually variable track rods

· Modified steering Column – height and rake adjustable

Rear axle

· Multilink rear suspension on sub frame with rose joint inserts

· Suspension struts, height adjustable

· Single coil spring race set-up

· Bilstein dampers

· Reinforced adjustable track rods

· Adjustable anti roll bar


· Dual circuit brake system adjustable via AP balance system and two master cylinders.

· AP Racing pedal box

· AP Racing master cylinders

Front axle

· PFC ZR27 billet monobloc 4 piston callipers

· PFC 380mm discs

· PFC Endurance pads

Rear axle

· PFC ZR33 two-piece billet 4 piston callipers

· PFC 355mm discs

· PFC Endurance pads


· Single piece Enkei RCT4 race rims 18 x 9″ (More available as per request)

Andrew Knight’s Ascar V8 for sale

FOR SALE… Andrew Knights Pontiac Ascar V8 is for sale at £29,950 via Bernie Chodosh. This is one of the 2 fastest Ascar or Nascar race cars on European tracks. Highly developed with limited miles on its 2018 Chevrolet LS3 540 BHP dry sump engine. The transmission is a 4 speed Jerico Nascar Dog box (no clutch needed on the up-shift) the body work is in excellent condition as well as all the components on the car . This is a front-running car in Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8’s and is eligible for the Classic Sports Car Club’s Modsports, MSVR Allcomers, Europe’s Young-timers YTTC series and other events. Car has spare wheels and tyres. Always meticulously maintained. No doors as per a Nascar, just pop in through the window. Not for the faint hearted. Please call Bernie on 07958 932921

Ford Mustang Road/Race car for sale… SOLD

FOR SALE: SOLD 5th December 2020. Ford Mustang Fastback road race car, originally bought in from the States over 15 years ago where it raced with the SCCA and SVRA. Initially bought in by an English driver who campaigned it for a number of seasons with the HSCC and Aston Martin Anglo-American series. It was then sold to Andrew Knight who developed the car as it is today. The engine built by Steve Warrior is a highly developed 289. Correct in every way, coupled to a race prepped 4 speed gearbox. The car is race or road/rally condition. The price of £47,500 is a third of the build cost. The car has now been registered for the road. It would be accepted for most race series and European rallies. Contact Bernie Chodosh at berniecchodosh @ gmail . com

Classic American news from Thruxton

Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s were invited by the CSCC to race with their Special Saloons & Modsports, and several of us enjoyed, for the second year running, pushing our huge motor vehicles round Britain’s fastest circuit. Our friend Steve Havelock from Classic American car magazine was there with ball-point pen and camera. Two page spreads in the magazine are the result and I attach them complete for your interest.

Click to enlarge or download: